Green Ribbon Team

We Still Need a Sitter

2017 Winning Green Ribbon Team 

Green Ribbon Teams
Form a VIP Green Ribbon Team - Spaces Limited
        Enjoy the Party-Under-the Stars in style and comfort from your seat in the shade under the big top tent!
        Contact WVWA: Lisa Hansell at 215-646-8866 OR [email protected]
What's great about being on a Green Ribbon Team?
      • DINE UNDER THE BIG TOP TENT- Celebrate with your team mates at your seat in the shade
      • The BIG TOP TENT is open until 9:00 pm - for Green Ribbon Team members only
      • Dinner buffet, frozen margaritas and craft beer
      • A place to store your belongings during the race
      • Private porta-potties
      • Photo booth with props
      •And always "A Suprise!"
How to be a Green Ribbon Team?
      • Maximum of 10 people per team and $1400 raised - that's only $140 per team member!
        Double teams are allowed with a maximum 20 people and $2800 raised. 
      • Each team must raise a minimum of $1,400 - All donations are tax deductible and directly support the WVWA
      • Corporate matching gifts can be credited to the team total
      . All funds must be collected by Monday, June 18, 2018
      • Contact Lisa Hansell at [email protected] or 215-646-8866

                      -Green Ribbon Team FAQs
                      -Commitment Form
                      -Online Fundraising Instructions

The Green Ribbon Team That Raises the Most Money Wins...
      • A team cocktail party at Tex Mex Connection for 20 people.
      • Your team’s name on the coveted Winner’s Cup
      • Team photo on WVWA’s & Tex Mex Connection's website for a year!
      -Is there a website for online fundraising? YES - Donorpages is used for online fundraising.
       Documentation and consultation is available with WVWA. Info coming soon.

      -How do I register for the race? All team members who are running MUST register for the race at the race fee of
       $42.00, which is in addition to the fund raising goals.  Register here
      -Can a team bring guests into the tent? Only the 10 team members will be allowed in the tent. you may have a
       team member that doesn't run, but they are still counted as one of the team and the fundraising minimum is the same.
All proceeds from Green Ribbon Teams support the
Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association and its mission of protecting
land, water and life in the watershed for 60 years.