Our Philosophy

Respect for our guests:
Tex Mex Connection strives to provide each and every guest excellent customer service by providing the freshest food, prepared from scratch daily, and fine spirits at a great price.
Respect for our employees:
Our list of tenured staff is a testiment of our commitment to provide a safe, professional and rewarding work environment.
Respect for our community:
Being part of a community is not a right, but a privilege. We host multiple fundraising events throughout the year, participate in many community events and projects, and donate to dozens of charities, to support the community that has supported us since 1984.
Respect for our environment:
We have always recognized our responsibility in protecting the environment. Each year the average restaurant produces 75 tons of waste, uses 300,000 gallons of water, and is the #1 retail consumer of electricity. As 1 of only a few Three-Star  100% Land Fill Free, certified restaurants in Pennsylvania, we have implemented numerous measures. In addition to our 20+ years of full-scale recycling, we composte, source local and sustainable food and have implemented numerous equipment conversions. We hope our efforts in reducing our impact on the environment will inspire others.